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The Department of Judiciary and Prosecution was approved and established by the Ministry of Higher Education in the year 1391, within the framework of the Faculty of Law of Bost University.

The department of Judiciary and Prosecution is (8) semester of academic period of which two years are general and the remaining two years are completed exclusively in the field of Judiciary and Prosecution, most of the judicial and criminal subjects are taught in this department. If someone wants to gain expertise in the field of law, it is the first and basic step for him or her to study up to the Bachelor of Laws level.

The study of law has a fundamental role for other areas, for example, economy, trade, human resources, local government bodies and general institutions, all of which originate from law.

Law creates a framework for the development of justice that is related to all aspects of life, studying law develops the mind and touches practical skills, legal knowledge is a powerful task that recognizes one’s rights and the rights of others.

Teaching in this department is carried out in a practical and theoretical manner with the help of new technology, and all the activities of this department are fully transparent and of high quality from the beginning until now, and all academic activities are progressing well.

Apart from the teaching process; seminars, workshops and scientific conferences are held in various fields to improve the capacity of current and graduate students.


The Department of Judicial and Prosecution has the hope and aspiration to train strong personnel for the justice, judicial and legal bodies of the society with Islamic, national and academic principles and values and present them to the society for further development. In order to take a constructive part in the development and development of justice, judicial and legal fields.


The Judiciary and Prosecution Department is trying to provide high quality, easy and standard education to the young people who want to study in the judicial and legal fields, so that those young people can achieve their goals by taking advantage of these facilities. reach, so that he becomes a servant for his country and people.


• Classification and analysis of domestic, regional and international legal issues.
• Fight against corruption in the administration
• Implement departmental quality improvement standards
• To strengthen the spirit of research and innovation
• Resolving disputes in judicial and judicial bodies.
• Ability to work in government and non-government institutions, agencies and organizations.
• Awareness of critical thinking and the ability to conduct teaching and research activities.
• Higher education in the areas of master’s and doctorate.
• Being a role model for others, being trustworthy in the profession, transferring knowledge to others and the ability to increase the legal knowledge and development of the community.

Information About

Teaching System, Teachers & Staff

All the teaching process and program of this department are according to the credit system plan (basic, specialized, optional, university inclusive and prerequisite subjects) which have been selected during each semester by applying the curriculum in the 4-year period. It is to complete the credits and also in this university, the department manager, teaching manager and teachers who are at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate level have promoted the administrative and teaching work of the said faculty.

The Judiciary and Prosecution program of the Law Faculty at Bost University was created for the purpose of training experts and professional staff for the judicial system. Based on this, the Judiciary and Prosecution program graduate is considered as the person who has completed at least (136) credits in a four-year academic period (8 semesters) full-time and have the following conditions in terms of knowledge, skills and attitude:


Master the legal, political, judicial, civil, administrative, family subjects at the bachelor’s level, have practical and scientific skills, to serve as an expert staff in the society.


A person who is familiar with political, legal, judicial, administrative, criminal and civil subjects to the required level and is able to solve the problems of his society in this field.


The graduate respects the applicable laws of the country, academic ethics, learn high Islamic, humane and moral values, commit to all these values and be free of any kind of prejudice and discrimination.

Student Statistics

1993 - 1401

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